Sunday, June 07, 2009

Strawberry Jam and Anniversary

It is always loads of fun to think about making jam until you get into it and somehow you forget that it is an all day process. We started picking strawberries at about 1030 in the morning, and finally got back to the house with all the supplies by about 2 in the afternoon.

Nothing says homemade jam like your 25 pound bag of sugar. Kerri did a great job of cutting all of the green tops and mushy spots out of the strawberries. That is probably the worst part. She hand mashed a little bit, but Dad was left with doing the 6 gallons of strawberries that we mash.

Maddox and Bennett were all about helping out. Bennett was already in bed at this point after having his strawberry/sugar filled day. Every time I turned around, Maddox had his whole face in the sauce or tongue in the masher telling me how good it was. Good thing we are not selling this retail.

After all said and done, there are about 27 big jars when you add the little ones together. That should keep us good for about a year. We went through 15 last year but Bennett only got started about halfway through the year. I figure Fatticus will be good for at least 12 jars by himself. I did not finsh until a little after 1 am.

And today is our anniversary. Happy 6 years. And a happy birthday to Gordon. Here is a present Maddox got us. Can you see what it is. Look close.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lots of fun

Look at the natural fisherman at only 2 1/2 years old. Too bad it is still only bait casting. I am going to have to start fly fishing soon so Maddox is not better than me by the time he is 5.

He had such a good time even though nothing was biting.

Bennett had much more important thing on his mind. Literally, his finger is touching brain matter.

Maddox did a superb job at Easter Egg hunting. I am still convincing Kerri of some more traditional egg baskets and someday we will get around to it.

Bennett the Pilferer. Whenever Maddox was away finding more eggs and left his basket unattended, Bennett would help himself to peanut butter m&m's and reeses peanut butter cups.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Some more pictures

We got a crazy snow storm in March. The first real snow I have seen since I got here. Of course Maddox loved it and was extremely upset when it melted. Then he wanted to move to somewhere it snowed regularly.

Bennett was a joy as long as you were holding him. He kept slipping in the snow and his hands would get freezing cold.

What the hell kind of face is that?

Of course, Maddox rode the cardboard sled until it disintegrated. Bennett rode it a few times and then called it quits. I guess he didn't want to sled down some crazy-ass steep hill, hit the only bump on the hill sideways, and then roll uncontrollably like a log down the rest of the hill for another 100 yards. No guts, no glory kiddo.

You guys have been sucking lately

What can I say, the hat runs in the genes.

Bennett does not quite like leaf jumping yet. It is a lot like water, he just sinks to the bottom of the pile.

However, he is a big fan of competitive leaf eating.

Maddox on the other hand, I could not throw high enough. Maybe he has a small streak of Calvin and Hobbes in him. Something about a leaf pile higher than your head and sailing 10 feet into the air and into the pile. He kept saying, "throw me in the sky, like the birds."

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Because you have nothing better to do.

You know you are bored if you decide to do this one day.

Now Gordon knows why he always posted more than I did. Always busy with something.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Fatticus can move

So Bennett has finally decided to crawl.

And what does he crawl to? Not Mommy or Daddy or even a new toy. He crawls for food. What a shocker.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas Stocking Names

Since Mom was being lazy, she told me to figure out names for stockings (or just a family present because we don't really do stockings and haven't since 1999). The limit is $40. That includes shipping and whatever else. Try and think of a family gift. It really should not be to hard. We tried to video tape it for authenticity but Fatticus kept eating the paper slips with peoples names on it. So here they are written down, but rest assured they were pulled from metal mixing bowl for traditions sake.

Susan and Rich buy for Dianne
Gordon and Jen buy for Karen and Jason
Dianne buys for Gordon and Jen
Karen and Jason buy for Ken and Kerri
Ken and Kerri buy for Susan and Rich.

That means everyone should get mom and dad something. Maybe if they sent out emails with lists we would know what to get them. It is not like we read minds or anything. Send your own lists out so people can buy and ship in time for Christmas.

Hope everyone enjoyed roast beast for thanksgiving. It just isn't a thanksgiving without being able to pour the blood onto your mashed potatoes. YUMMMMMMMY!!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Belated vacation pics

I've been busy with academy, and have neglected the blog.  I managed to get some pics in the Flickr account of the Sawtooth and Yellowstone from this summer and last.  

I'm kind of partial to this one.  Casey's socks are a thing of wonder.